Covid-19 Letters

Returning to Normal?

Many people are eagerly awaiting ‘a return to normal’ after Covid-19 is brought under control.  The trouble is that ‘life as normal’ as we knew it played a huge part in the tragic consequences of the pandemic.  Too many people earning obscene amounts of money while the majority of workers weren’t fairly recompensed, so many people had to have multiple jobs.  Also a reluctance worldwide to seriously accept the consequences of climate change.  This has to change but the high earners are not going to accept it.  Climate change in this country appears not to be a vote winner for our federal politicians and that is another problem.  We are stuck with a system where the vast majority of our politicians are only interested in one thing and that is getting re-elected.  They only have to serve a ridiculously small time in Parliament to get a more than decent pension.  Let’s face it –  Tony Abbott  was thrown out by his own electorate and yet he has a $300,00 a year pension for life plus many other benefits.

We need politicians who will put the people of Australia first even if it means losing their job.  But that means our current government will need to legislate for that and that will never happen.  So we are stuck with a broken and irreparable system of government.