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Anyone can be a pollie

If I wanted to be a doctor, I would need very high marks in order to get into University, and then spend several years studying, and still have to pass in order to be qualified.  If I wanted to be a tradesman, I would probably have to do a TAFE course and an apprenticeship to qualify. Many jobs that I applied for during my career as an IT specialist detailed a minimum education level and a resume of relevant experience.

But if I decided today to either stand for my local council, or to become a State or Federal politician, I don’t need any qualifications or experience at all.  The dumbest, most obnoxious and inappropriate person can nominate themselves and if accepted, can become a politician if he or she gets enough votes.  It has happened and will continue to happen.

The sad thing is it is possible for that person to hold the balance of power as we have seen these past few years.  Surely this has to change.