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Lucky Scott

We have stumbled through the Covid-19 pandemic despite the absence of someone being in overall control.  The Federal government has mostly left the hard yards to the State Premiers who have all done a very successful job of it.  Yes – the Prime Minister did establish the National Cabinet and initially heaped a lot of praise on Daniel Andrews but it didn’t take long before all that changed and politics once again reared its ugly head and Andrews was on the outer and liberal NSW was the gold standard.  Even Victorian Liberals Frydenberg and Hunt attacked Andrews for political reasons.  I hope the people of Kooyong and Flinders remember this at the next election.

From day one the Prime Minister should have declared a state of emergency and taken control of this pandemic here in Australia.  He should have set up National bodies to handle every aspect of managing this pandemic and directed the States to cooperate with these National Bodies.  But he didn’t, but luckily for him, due to the excellent work done by the Premiers,  he is enjoying telling the rest of the world how well he has done.