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Political leadership

Unless one is a dyed in the wool, paid up Liberal voter, it is clear to anyone with a conscience that our leadership in Canberra is abysmal, and the same can be said for the other mob, especially among the male politicians.  If I were the chairman of a large corporate organisation looking for a new CEO, I would be hard pressed to find anyone if I wanted a politician except maybe one or two women politicians.  Looking around the world, it is the same everywhere, hard to finder a leader of quality.  Angela Merkel is one of the few standouts and possibly Joe Biden will prove to be a capable leader.  The big question is, how do we encourage the right sort of person to go into politics in the first place, who would want to be part of the current rabble, and especially when people like Barnaby Joyce make puerile comments like “by its very nature, Parliament has the objective that one side has to get rid of the other, and vice versa.  It’s a hostile crazy boarding school out in the country”.