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It’s tax time

Every year the gap between the haves and the have-nots gets bigger.  The high earners are earning more money than they can sensibly spend and still they want more and they will get more.  One can only make a profit if one has something to invest.  The low end of the scale isn’t growing and doesn’t look like it ever will.  They are destined to be poor.  It’s time that the politicians in Canberra faced up to these facts and set fair and equitable tax rates.  The top earners pay far too little in tax and that is wrong.  They can afford to pay more and they should.  It’s all very well to say that the leaners should get off their backsides and look for better jobs but for the majority that isn’t possible.  The majority of the top end earners have never been leaners and have been blessed with a better start to life than those on low incomes.  An unfair advantage that needs to be righted.