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The Evil One

Scott Morrison believes that social media is being used by the “evil one”.  I’m not quite sure what he means by the “evil one” but I presume he doesn’t mean the leader of the Labor Party.

He also admits that he asked God for a sign during a difficult run on the 2019 election campaign and believes God gave it to him.  If God is going to listen to a scheming ‘happy clapper’, then why doesn’t he listen to many other seriously devout Christians who pray to him for assistance?

I also wonder what his God thought about the actions of the Morrison prayer group that used to meet on Tuesday nights in parliamentary sitting weeks. And especially the one just before Scott Morrison ousted Malcolm Turnbull two days after he put his arm around Malcolm declaring exuberantly  “this is my leader and I’m ambitious for him.

I think Scott and I believe in a different God.