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I have watched with considerable interest how the Federal and State governments have behaved during this pandemic and I feel that one of the casualties is loyalty.  It used to be the case whenever there was a clash between Federal and State governments, that senior politicians would remain faithful to their State and electorate.  But neither Joshua Frydenberg nor Greg Hunt are showing their support for Victoria.  I suspect that Frydenberg is cosying up to the Prime Minister because he seems to be, at the moment, the heir apparent when Scott Morrison decides to step down.  I won’t complain if he is ever the Prime Minister because it’s about time we had a Victorian in the job.  But he mustn’t forget what John Howard did to Peter Costello.  Howard was never going to hand over to Costello because Costello is a Victorian.  I doubt very much that Scott Morrison will hand over to Frydenberg for the same reason.