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The ABC’s role is to present the news in as equitable a way as possible.  This isn’t always easy.  From time to time it has to hold the Federal and State governments to account.  This is their obligation to the public.  Whether the governments are Liberal or Labor is irrelevant.  The ABC mustn’t and shouldn’t show bias and I think it does a pretty good job most of the time.  But it seems Michael Kroger doesn’t think so and he wants Ita Buttrose’s head.  He has in his career dished out the dirt when it suited him but obviously takes offence when it has his Liberal party in its sights.  Sadly, I think the day will come when a Liberal coalition government in Canberra will sell off the ABC and then we will have another rag controlled by a powerful newspaper magnate.  I hope I will have reached my ‘use-by date’ before that happens.