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Nuclear submarines

The American Hawks in the Pentagon must be very happy.  When Donald Trump was uncharacteristically feting Scott Morrison, my immediate concern was – what is he after from Australia?  I can’t help but feel that Joe Biden has concluded what Trump started.  The Pentagon Hawks want a presence in the South China Seas but want someone else to do it for them.  What better than to persuade their lapdog friends in Australia to do the job for them.  And Scott Morrison fell for it.  He didn’t even discuss it in Parliament.  And why should he?  He does what he likes.  The subs won’t have nuclear weapons, he says.  Utter rubbish.  When the time comes and the subs are operational, the Pentagon Hawks will find a way to twist the then Prime Minister’s arm.  Whether we liked Paul Keating or not, one thing he got right was that we belong in and with Asia – not America.