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Do we need career politicians

Politics is regarded as a career and a very lucrative one at that. But I do remember the time when potential politicians didn’t see that as a career change. They had a career that they expected to go back to one day and that attracted a different type of candidate than it does today. There would be very few people in Parliament today that only intend to serve for a few years. The pay is very good, the superannuation is ridiculously high and perks abound. But as in many careers, it doesn’t always attract the right people. And that is why today people with the wrong agendas are controlling the way we are governed to suit themselves. Pertinent questions go unanswered, often with a sly grin. Embarrassing reports get hidden away. Promises are made and then forgotten. Agreement is given that we need a Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission in Canberra but we all know it will never happen. Robert Menzies must be turning in his grave.