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We deserve better then this

Australia’s reputation in the world has worsened these last few years and it all comes down to leadership. Where are today’s equivalents of John Curtin, Bob Hawke, Alfred Deakin, Ben Chifley and Robert Menzies? We have a Prime Minister with a professed belief in God who keeps refugees locked up, refuses to release reports and is a master of obfuscation. Then there is our deputy PM who makes our PM look good. Scott Morrison’s heir apparent Josh Frydenberg is no better. He sought political advantage by sledging Victoria’s handling of Covid-19. When Simon Holmes à Court joined Frydenberg’s Kooyong 200 Club fund raising group, all membership fees and donations were returned to Simon after he criticised Frydenberg in another newspaper for trying to keep NSW’s Liddell power station open. But how can we forget Matthias Cormann? The  man who argued the Gillard government’s “push to put a price on carbon on the basis that it would help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions is a very expensive hoax”. Today in his new job he is suddenly pro carbon pricing. The alternative to today’s government is the ALP and they don’t have the leadership we need so desperately. Simon Holmes à Court is right when he says we need more highly qualified and forward thinking Independents in Government. I hope I get the chance to vote for one at the next election.