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Federal Responsibility

It seems to me that the focus in Canberra by both of the major parties is winning the next election.  Meanwhile a Victorian man completes his hotel quarantine in South Australia and returns to Victoria only to find he has caught the virus whilst in quarantine.  Once again we are now tackling yet another outbreak as a result of hotel quarantine.  It might be working 99 percent of the time according to some politicians but we want it to work 100 percent of the time.

The politicians in Canberra need to heed former Queensland Premier Bob Borbidge’s belief when asked what makes a successful politician – his response was “making society a better place”, one of the reasons he was a firm supporter alongside John Howard of gun control.

So stop worrying about the next election – make society a better place by taking full responsibility for your obligations to all of us.  Build at least one other quarantine centre and get on top of the vaccination rollout.  Neither party will get my vote otherwise.