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Disasters and Pandemics

There have always been disasters and if one believes in Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, these disasters will continue.  Disasters such as droughts, floods and bushfires, and also viral pandemics, will continue to happen and to increase in severity.

I get sad when I read that some people blame God for these natural disasters.  I am not a religious person but I can’t bring myself to believe that any God would deliberately cause a disaster, especially where lives are taken.

Nearly all of the planets in our solar system were named after Gods from Greek or Roman mythology which is why I have always had a hypothesis that suggests that perhaps a God made the universe and delegated the creation of planet Earth to Mother Nature, sometimes referred to as a Goddess in Greek mythology.

If that were to be the case, then maybe Mother Nature set out to create planet Earth and chose its position in the universe so that it could be close to the sun and the moon, thereby creating daylight and darkness.  She then set about creating a beautiful planet with an atmosphere for creatures to live in and evolve over time.  She created land masses and oceans, land areas that are very cold and others that are very hot.  Everything was created with a balance, a balance that perhaps she hoped would protect her beautiful planet.

But I fear that she probably knew that because of the need to balance everything on the planet, that creatures might pose a problem.  Some creatures would be bold and destructive and others would be timid and complaisant. And as these creatures have evolved into what exists today, our refusal to acknowledge the necessity of balancing our lives has led to the awful disasters that we are seeing all too often today.

I sometimes wonder when it is raining very heavily if it is Mother Nature crying as she looks down on what was once her beautiful planet.  She can’t interfere as it would upset the balance.  Only we can restore the balance.